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Lift and Learn Technology Explained

Posted on March 23, 2023

By James Boatwright

Lift and Learn technology also known as lift and learn digital signage is an opportunity in retail to educate the shopper digitally with information about your merchandised product.

How does Lift and Learn Technology work?

It’s made up of a commercial screen (fancy TV), media player (fancy computer) and a choice of sensors to tell the player when a product has been picked up.

Can Lift and Learn Digital Signage enhance the instore experience?

Ok, so you’re a shopper looking for a sports shoe. You walk in and are faced with wall after wall of trainers. Some have fancy branded headers, some have lightboxes and the really fancy ones have a TV advert playing with the latest sports star running around wearing said product. 

That’s great, right, looks fantastic and draws your eye to that section or product. The issue is, is the consumer getting the information they need about the product? The answer is usually no - because how can you effectively educate the consumer about multiple products in such a small space? The answer is, Lift and Learn Technology. 

The consumer walks in and picks up the product they like the look of and instantly prompts digital content about that product to appear on the screen in front of them. You can even add audio. Multiple products? No problem. You can stream content for up to eight different products at a time to one screen. 

It’s the perfect opportunity through Lift and Learn Digital Signage to show the features and benefits to the consumer of the product they’re physically holding.

As soon as they put it down, your generic branded screensaver starts playing until the following product is picked up. 

Who can Lift and Learn Technology benefit?

Honestly, everyone linked to the process. The stores benefit by having dynamic tech in their shop, the consumer benefits by being presented with information to help them buy the right product to meet their needs and of course the brand benefits by limitless opportunities to showcase the features and benefits associated with their product. 

How do you update Lift and Learn Technology?

You need Wi-Fi with a half decent connection. Once you’ve got this setup the content can be controlled remotely. You can schedule different playlists and update products and digital content immediately. 

What do you recommend for content?

We would keep it simple. Our honest opinion is, while it’s tempting to upload pre-existing fancy TV adverts to Lift and Learn digital signage, is that really educating the shopper any more? We think not. Why not use this as an opportunity to clearly and concisely show the features and benefits of that product - keep it simple and upsell the benefits! 

If you need to include the TV ads, stick them on the screensaver - not the product-specific slides. 

Which products do Lift and Learn lend itself to?

Beauty products, Beverages, Golf Balls, Shoes, Tools - anything where features and benefits help the consumer make their buying choice! For added inspiration be sure to take a look at some of our recent projects

Can I see Lift and Learn Technology working somewhere?

Yes! As well as being installed throughout the UK we’ve got a demo centre setup in our Cambridge office. We’d be happy to show you how Lift and Learn technology works in-person. 


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