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Dynamic Lightboxes Everything You Need To Know

Posted on March 23, 2023

By James Boatwright

What is a Dynamic Lightbox?

An SEG lightbox is a framed display with a series of LEDS behind it. A Dynamic lightbox is the same principle, although there’s more LEDS and you can control them. 

What are the advantages of a Dynamic Lightbox?

To answer this properly it’s best to take a step backwards. First, what's the advantage of having an SEG lightbox - it’s to make your brand or area within a store stand out from everything else right? An opportunity to draw attention to your product just like more traditional point of sale displays will. If everything else is non illuminated, and your area has illumination - people are going to notice it more. 

Exactly the same thing can be said of a Dynamic Lightbox. SEG lightboxes are becoming more and more popular (which is great for a retail display agency like us as we manufacture them) but the impact of them in-store becomes diluted when everybody has one. 

So how do you stand out? The answer is with a Dynamic Lightbox. Because the LEDS can be controlled, you can make incredible transitions with the lights, then make certain elements glow or illuminate within a sequence. They look awesome, and immediately stand out from a standard SEG. 

How does a Dynamic Lightbox work?

Much like an SEG lightbox, we manufacture Dynamic Lightboxes from an extruded aluminium frame. Typically you’ll need the frame to be 80mm thick to house the internal components. 

We then build in LED panels, power supply and a silicon edge graphic applied into the frame. Every time you change the graphic, we can update the sequence of LEDs to make it stand out in a unique way.

How do you update the content on a Dynamic Lightbox?

The SEG (graphic) is the same as a regular lightbox - we print the graphic and stitch in the silicon edging. Our team will produce a small video file for the content to tell each LED when to come on and go off. These are updateable with a USB.

There are apps available to do this, although we feel they need to be more user-friendly to rely on stores to update themselves. We're working on the background to provide a user-friendly app-based approach, so watch this space. For now, USB works just fine - everybody can do it easily. 

When Should I use a Dynamic Lightbox?

Good question, and we’re pleased to say this is one of those products that lends itself to any scenario where you’d like to stand out. We think these should be used as a long term solution in a retail space, but are also perfect for drawing attention to your brand and or  product at launches and exhibitions. I wouldn’t be surprised if these are everywhere in the next 3 years.

Why not just have a TV?

Again, the answer is simple - these stand out more, they grab attention and are different to everything else that most stores will have. There’s also more flexibility in sizes - generally speaking we can make these fit most scenarios. The LED panels are 320mm x 160mm. 

Is a Dynamic Lightbox cost effective?

We believe so. Naturally there’s a lot more tech in these than a regular lightbox, and more tech makes them more expensive, but, as with any retail display, if designed properly the additional cost will be justified if the lightbox brings more attention to your product than your competitors, along with a measurable return on investment (ROI). 

Can I see an example?

Yes, we have a demo room at our Cambridge office with a Dynamic Lightbox permanently on display so feel free to get in touch and arrange a meeting to discuss and see it in action! 

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